Your Guide To Yoga Fitness

Your Guide To Yoga Fitness

Yoga Fitness Programs

Yoga fitness. If you visit any health and fitness store, you will likely see a yoga fitness ball or mat available for sale. These items are part of an overall fitness program that is quite popular today. Yoga proponents claim that this fitness routine can not only help your body become fit, but also your mind and spirit. Is the yoga health and fitness lifestyle right for you? Before you buy that fitness yoga mat, you should learn a little more about the fitness program.

What Exactly Is Yoga?
If you know nothing about yoga, learning about the program is the first step in deciding if it is right for you. Yoga combines physical movements, breathing exercises, spiritual meditation, and positive thinking to help create a completely healthy person, both inside and out. According to yoga experts, practicing yoga increases the body’s ability to heal itself when sick.

While many people view yoga as a new phenomenon, and the popularity of the fitness routine is relatively new, it has actually been practice for around 5,000 years. The word yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “union,” and the goal of yoga is to help the participant unite the mind, spirit, and body. This is done through physical poses that are sometimes difficult to attain, along with meditation, deep breathing, and positive thinking exercises. As far as the fitness components of yoga, the moves and poses in yoga increase both flexibility and strength of the doer. However, fitness is not the main goal. Instead, overall wellness is the focus of yoga.

How to Begin Yoga
If you think that yoga is the exercise routine that you need, you are probably wondering how to begin. The best place to start is to find a yoga fitness center in your area. By becoming a part of a yoga fitness center, you can benefit from instruction by a qualified, experienced teacher. If your town does not have a yoga fitness center, contact some of the gyms and fitness centers and check if they have a yoga health and fitness class that is taught by a certified instructor.

Once you have found a class, find out if you need any materials. Beginners often need a yoga fitness ball and fitness yoga mat. Sometimes these materials are provided by the center, but you may wish to own your own anyway. If you do not have your own materials, you may have to rent them from the fitness center.

Can Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?
Yoga is not necessarily a weight loss routine, but it will make you healthier. Because yoga does not always increase your heart rate, it is probably not the right exercise program in and of itself for those who are looking to shed quite a few pounds. However, many people who are overweight due to stress can benefit from yoga in addition to a cardiovascular technique.

The Religious Aspect of Yoga
As you are considering yoga as a form of exercise, you should be aware of the religious side of this form of exercise. While most yoga fitness centers are not religious in nature, yoga itself does focus on spirituality and uniting the mind, body, and spirit. To some, this is a form of religion. However, yoga experts will say that, while yoga is spiritual, it is not a religion, nor is it tied to a religion. Some people will be uncomfortable with the meditation aspect of yoga, including the repetition of the sound “om.” If this would make you feel uncomfortable, you may wish to find a different exercise routine.

Proper Etiquette for a Yoga Class
If you decide that yoga is the right fitness routine to add to your life, then you need to know that yoga has an etiquette component in addition to its fitness components. First, when you enter the yoga fitness center, you need to remove your shoes and turn off your cell phone or pager. Once the class begins, try to stay with the poses that the teacher is doing. Do not try to show off by doing more advanced poses, even if you know how to do them.

Throughout the yoga session, there will be periods of rest. If you need to use the restroom, this is the time to do so. Avoid disrupting the class by asking if you can leave. Simply get up, do what you need to do, and return. Always stay until the class is complete, unless you have an emergency.

When the class is complete, your teacher will inform you of this fact. Avoid becoming too noisy, as some of the others in the class may be in a very relaxed state. This is the time to gather your yoga fitness ball and other equipment, put your shoes back on, and leave. If you want to have a discussion with a fellow classmate, do it outside of the room where the class took place. Congratulations, you have successfully, and politely, completed your first yoga class!