Top 10 Ways to Decorate Cheap For The Holidays

Top 10 Ways to Decorate Cheap For The Holidays

Top 10 ways to decorate cheap for the holidays. We all love to have our home beautifully decorated for the holidays. But sometimes it’s staggering to total up all we could pay to get all those ready-made decorations! Besides, half the time, they’re not really what we’d prefer to have!

I can solve the second problem for you by custom-designing decorations. You can see a lot examples and suggestions in the Christmas section of. I’ll be leaving it up year-round so you can refer to it anytime. (It may not be possible to fill some Christmas orders until the seasonal supplies are available again, however.)

For the problem of high costs, here is what I have to offer you right now. Most of this can be easily done, so it’s not too late for this year!

Favorite Handmade Holiday Decorating Ideas

1. Replace the candles in your candlesticks with Christmas colored candles. You can now get candles in almost any color of the rainbow PLUS many other patterns and finishes.

2. Get several spools of wired Christmas ribbon in your personal Christmas colors. Then have fun decorating with bows! Tie them around your hall coat tree, your bannisters, your candlesticks, your patio door handles. Tie them under your door knobs, on your door knocker, on the back outside spindles of your chairs. Just about anything can benefit by a tasteful bow. Be creative!

3. Pull out all the vases that you have. Then go to a fabric or craft store and buy silk poinsettias to fill them. You can get them very inexpensively in the last-minute Christmas sales, and you can re-use them every year! Plus, you don’t have to worry about kids or dogs eating them!

Top 10 Ways to Decorate Cheap For The Holidays4. Place some table scarfs in holiday colors around on your side and end tables. You can buy these many places. If you can’t find any holiday patterns you like, try using solid red or green. Or better yet, make some! Yes, even if you’ve never even sewn a button, you can do this. Go to a fabric store and pick out a material that you like. Buy enough to make the size square or rectangle you like. 1 1/2 yards will give you a nice square to put over your little round side tables. 3/4 of a yard will give you two 22″ squares that will do nicely for your wooden or glass end tables. Then buy a package of double-sided no-sew or iron-on hem tape. The clerks can help you find it. When you get home, all you have to do it cut your sides nice and even (if they aren’t already), press the hem tape along all four edges, peel off the backing, turn over your hem and press it down again! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to add such a nice look! (I can sew some up for you if you’d like – let me know if you’re interested)

5. Cover your existing throw pillows with holiday covers. I can sew these for you if you can’t find them anywhere else. More than money, this tip saves SPACE! Who wants to have closet space filled up with holiday pillows all year long? This way, you just zip off the covers and fold them up for neat storage!

6. Bring out some of those throw blankets you have! Get one or two in Christmas colors. Drape them artfully over chairs and sofas. This helps with the warm and cozy look and feel that we usually want at Christmas. Besides, it’s nice to have them handy on cold nights!

7. Decorate with your Christmas cards! Get some low-tack tape (so you don’t mess up your beautifully painted walls) and put them up where you can enjoy them! Use only one piece of tape and hang them on a diagonal. This way your vertical and horizontal cards can be hung the same way. Try up and over your doorways, up the stair, around a hall mirror… there’s all kinds of places to pick from! Just find an empty section of wall and have fun! Keep some really nice ones from year to year and put them in some of your frames. It doesn’t take any extra space or cost if you do this with existing same-size pictures. For example, take that card-sized print of flowers that you enjoy in the spring. Open up the back, and slide a Christmas card between the front of the existing picture, and the back of the mats. Use two small pieces of tape on the BACK of the mat to hold it in place. Keep your flower picture in there so you don’t loose it. Now you have a matted and framed Christmas card to display and enjoy for the holidays!

8. Replace your curtain and drapery tiebacks with Christmas garlands. I can make some to suit your colors and styles or you can cut down some ready-made garlands.

9. Go get a few of those brass horns that are so inexpensive. Then tie some of your bows on them, and hang!

10. Play Christmas music at all times! Even if you have hardly any visual decorations, this audio ‘decoration’ can make a tremendous difference. This may sound like either not much, or too much, depending on whether you like a quiet house or a merry one. If you like a noisy, merry house, then you probably do this already. If you’re one of those who like a quiet house (like me) then go get a nice relaxing Instrumental Christmas CD or tape. I suggest those displays where you get to hear a sample of a bunch of different selections. These displays are usually everywhere this time of year (Target has them here), and they’re not too expensive. Just keep it playing softly in the background. It will actually help your home to feel more quiet and peaceful during the hustle and hassle of the holidays!