Makeup Tips – Blush Versus Bronzer

Makeup Tips – Blush Versus Bronzer

Given how many cosmetic and beauty products that there are out on the market right now, it’s no wonder that women feel absolutely lost about what they should be using and when. One of the most highly debated topics is blush and bronzer. Which one should you use? Can you use them both together? Or should you not use one because of your particular skin tone?

Blush and bronzer shades are both appropriate for different skin tones, and they also give a different kind of effect on the skin. One easy difference that can be said immediately is that the application of the two is not the same, contrary to what many believe.

Blush is meant to be applied right on the apples of the cheeks with the intention of giving your cheekbones a more chiseled and defined appearance, or just a bit of a glow. Bronzer, on the other hand, is meant to give your skin that sun kissed look. Bronzer can also be used in areas other than just the cheeks, such as the forehead, the nose, the chin and the cheeks.


Blush is best used to brighten your appearance. This means that those with rather pale or fair skin, or those who have a washed out appearance, will benefit most from wearing blush. Blush will give you a more lively and pretty glow without appearing unnatural, as long as you choose the right shade of blush to begin with.

Blush also should only ever be applied right to the apples of the cheeks and no where else. Some women seem to think that blush can be worn any where on the face, but this just isn’t the case. Too much blush will cheapen your look, if not destroy it completely. Blush should be applied in sweeping motions that start right at the apple of the cheeks, and then move up and outwards towards the corner of the eye and temple.


For anyone who has a natural tan or olive skin, bronzer is definitely meant for you. Bronzer will give you the look that a blush would not otherwise be able to give you. You can find bronzer in numerous forms, such as gels, sticks, creams and most commonly powders.

The key to choosing a bronzer is to not choose a bronzer that is more than 2 shades darker than your current skin tone. A bronzer should also not be used to try and give the effect of giving you a tan; rather, it should enhance the tan or the coloration of your skin that is already present.

Choosing a bronzer with a bit of glimmer or shimmer to it will also give you a more dewy glow, but make sure you do not choose a bronzer that has too much shimmer; otherwise it will look obviously fake.