How To Choose The Perfect Christmas Tree

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

Here are some tips for choosing the best live tree for your home.

How to choose the perfect Christmas tree. Fuller is not necessarily better. Yes, you don’t want a thin three you can see through, but neither do you want one so thick that you cant see through it! Somewhere in the middle is best. Think about it… you’re buying this tree to decorate it… ie: put things on it and in it that you want to see. You want your tree to have lots of small holes to hang ornaments in, and you want your lights to shine from within. We once got a tree so beautifully thick that we couldn’t hang the ornaments anywhere! They just laid on the outside of tree looking like they didn’t belong. Or those thick branches would shove them right off the end of their branch so they’d roll right down the side of the tree. I think we ended up cutting small branches out, just to make room for them!

If your tree will be going in a corner or against the wall, then go for one with a big hole in the back and bargain for a better price.

Don’t forget to check the top. If you’ll be putting an angel or star on top, then you’ll need a good strong lead branch that comes out the top, not one that curves up from the side, or five thin branches.

Remember that your tree stand will add 4-6″ in height, but you may need to cut off several lower branches to fit the trunk into the stand.

Douglas or Fraser Firs usually ARE worth the extra money for several reasons. First, they don’t shed many needles at all, compared to those inexpensive pines! Second, they don’t prick your arms raw as you move them, set them up, and decorate them. Third, they smell just heavenly, and fourth, they really look terrific decorated.. if looks are important to you, then this is worth a lot. Besides… the extra cost usually isn’t more than what you’d spend on pizza. And if you’ll spend an extra $25 to save yourself the time and trouble to cook one meal, then why not spend an extra $25 to save yourself weeks of headaches with pine needled covered floors and pricked arms?