Fall Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Cozy Fall Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Fall Decorating Ideas On A Budget. Many people wait until the holiday season to actually think about decorating for the season, but there are a lot of ways to celebrate fall, and they don’t cost that much. Do things such as reuse items you have and incorporating natural elements. Take on craft projects and be cautious when shopping, and before you know it, you’ll have a nice fall atmosphere, and you wouldn’t have spent that much.

Replace Flowers With Leaves
Do you have vases filled with summer or spring flowers? If so, then swap them out for small branches that have colorful leaves. If you reside in a region where leaves are common, then take a branch from outside and place it inside a vase.

Just make sure you spray down anything you bring in from outdoors with water. Let it dry too before bringing it indoors because you don’t want to accidentally bring in bugs and insects. Also, respect your neighbors and their property by not swiping branches and leaves from them.

Preserve Your Leaves
You can use decoupage to preserve leaves that you collect from outdoors or use another similar product to do it. Once you do this, place them or drape them over your mantel or table. Best of all, they will retain their colors and they won’t break.

Decoupage means gluing paper to surfaces of other objects, but it usually refers to a sealant that can do that. A popular brand to check out is Mod Podge. It serves as a sealant, glue and a finish, so you get three things in one.

Here’s a tip, try to collect leaves of a similar color and batch them together. Then collect leaves of a different color but keep them the same color (second batch) and then decoupage them. Try to gather 4-5 different batches of leaves, all the same colors and then you can drape them over your table. Who knows, you might find another creative way to use these batches of leaves once you have decoupage them.

Use Pumpkins Within Your Decor

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Pumpkins are known for being fall fixtures and you can easily find and buy them from stores. They don’t cost much either. There are a number of ways to implement pumpkins into your decor.

You can scrape out the insides of it and then place seasonal flowers inside of it, but make sure the pumpkins you use for this are tall because those work the best. You can also paint the pumpkins and come up with your own designs to put on them or you can stick with painting them basic colors such as white and gray. If you don’t want to carve or paint real pumpkins, then no worries because you can buy fake ones. Fake pumpkins are also well worth the money.

Choose A Branch As A Centerpiece
Did you collect a pretty branch or an interested one because you can use it as a centerpiece if you did. Lay it across the table and then place items around it, such as small pumpkins, corn husks and gourds to name a few. Remember, wash everything before bringing anything indoors and let it dry, and try to use a branch that’s already fallen. Another important thing to keep in mind is to never light a match or candles around the branch.

Reuse Items
Turn items into fall centerpieces, such as things like a serving platter, and you can place small pumpkins, leaves and ribbons around or on the platters, which likely haven’t been used in a longtime. This can serve as your centerpiece. Also, you can use them as an entryway table, which will create a welcoming feeling for those entering your home.

Place Scarves Inside Fall Displays
If you’re not planning on wearing scarves, then place them inside a fall display or in a mantel. If you own scarves that have various shades of brown or that are plaid, then use them. You can wrap the scarves around vases, pumpkins or other types of decorations.

Another thing you can do is write down a quote that is fall-related. Jot it down on a whiteboard or chalkboard, and the best thing about this is there are many quotes you can write down. This includes quotes about leaves changing colors, trees bearing their branches and things of that nature.

Create A Fall Potpourri
Besides doing stuff for your home’s appearance, you can create a potpourri. The chances are you already have the perfect ingredients inside your kitchen. Use items such as spice and other food products, and this will make your place smell better. Not only that, but your space will feel more warm and it will add a cozy touch to it.

Some of the best ingredients to use for a fall potpourri include cinnamon sticks and orange peels. Others include cloves, almond extract, apple slices and vanilla extract. Make sure to put all the ingredients into a pot, heat it up in water and then wait for the smells to kick in.