Easy Eye Makeup Tips And Tricks You Need to Know

Easy Eye Makeup Tips

Easy eye makeup tips. We all know what sort of eye makeup we like when we see it, but when we attempt or even think about doing it ourselves, we become downright mystified and perplexed by how to do it.

Eye makeup does take a bit of trial and error, some eye makeup remover and a lot of patience, especially if you are somewhat “challenged” when it comes to applying makeup. Below are some easy and basic ways to apply makeup, all of which apply to any and all eye shapes.

Easy Eye Makeup Tricks

How to Prepare your Eyes for Eye Makeup

There is some preparation involved in applying eye makeup. It’s always best to prepare the area of skin you will be applying any sort of makeup to, so when it comes to eye makeup, it is best to apply a very thin layer of either makeup primer or foundation on the eyelids. This will help correct any slight imperfections or discoloration, and you will then have the perfect canvas to work with.

Once the foundation or primer has been applied, set it with translucent powder if you are using a powdered eye shadow. If you are using a cream eye-shadow or pencil on your eyes, skip the powder as the powder will interfere with the application process.

How To Choose the Color
Just how does one choose that perfect eye-shadow color for their face? One of the best tricks to use is to not base the color choice on your eye color, but rather on your hair color. Here is a good general guide to colors that will work with you based on hair color:

Brunettes: Choose mocha shades and rich chocolate browns.

Blondes: Creamy tones and taupes are definitely your colors!

Redheads: Peach, copper and ruddy browns work, as do pinks and lavenders for those who have a cooler skin tone.

Greys: Grey eye-shadow works well with grey hair, as do blues and soft lavenders and purples

How To Apply the Eye-shadow
There are different application strategies that you can consider. Some of these are:

One Shadow: You can cover your entire eyelid with one color. If you plan on doing this for simplicity’s sake, try to opt for a cream eye-shadow rather than a powder eye-shadow. Choose light or medium tones as well and stay away from dark tones (this will only give you a very dramatic or even vampire look). Add a layer of mascara and line your eyes with a brown eyeliner and you’re good to go!

Emphasizing the Crease: This is perhaps the most popular form of applying eye-shadow to your eye area. To do this, you will start by choosing the lightest color that you have first. Apply the light color all over your entire eyelid. Now take the darker shade. Take your eye-shadow brush and hold it right to the corner of your eye, right where your lash line begins and slightly above your crease (right at the brow bone). The brush will naturally glide up and stop right where you will want the color to end.