How To Choose Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Makeup for Sensitive Skin Tips

There’s nothing worse than spending your time and hard earned money on make up that only causes your skin to break out due to irritation and sensitivity. What’s even worse is that it can be very hard to tell if you are sensitive to a product until you have tried it and left it on for any where from a few minutes to a few days!

Sensitive skin has several different qualities. Some people with sensitive skin have incredibly dry skin. Others have oily skin with dry patches, usually around the nose, the eyes, or the chin. Others yet have combination skin that just seems to flair up when even the smallest amount of make up touches their skin!

Here are some basic tips on how to choose makeup for sensitive skin:

GO NATURAL. The most important thing when choosing a makeup for sensitive skin is to choose products that offer the most natural ingredients in them. Artificial ingredients are often to blame for a number of skin problems, including eczema and acne. Organic, natural, vegan makeup that provides sufficient coverage is definitely the way to go.

USE MINERAL MAKEUP. Using a high quality mineral make up will go a long way in giving you the coverage and makeup options that you need, despite you having sensitive skin. Most mineral makeup companies also offer free samples, either through the beauty counter at your favorite beauty store or online. If you do choose to get some samples online, all you will be required to pay for is the shipping. Take advantage of these free samples so you can test the product and be sure that it is right for you!

REVIEW EXPIRY DATES. Nothing will cause breakouts more than expired makeup products. Certain makeup items should be tossed after a few months (such as mascara) and other should be discarded in 1-2 years (such as eye shadow). Any makeup that has expired is a hazard for sensitive skin.

PASS ON WATERPROOF MAKEUP. Makeup for sensitive skin is almost never waterproof due to a solvent in the makeup being a common skin irritant. If you feel as if you will be turning on the water works at any point during a day, maybe skip out on the mascara.

CHOOSE POWDER OVER LIQUIDS. The more oily the product, the more likely it is going to cause your sensitive skin to break out. When ever possible, choose powder make up products and avoid any liquid or “stick” forms of make up.

IF YOU CAN’T FIND POWDER COVERAGE then go for a foundation that has a silicone base. Liquid foundations with a silicone base have the lowest reported incidents of skin irritation.

If you do have sensitive skin and are looking for other ways to reduce any skin irritation, look into changing up your entire beauty regime, from your shampoos and conditions to your hair sprays to even the moisturizer you put on your face. Remember, our skin is all connected so what we put in and onto our bodies may very well be causing our skin to be hypersensitive and react poorly to makeup products.