Benefits Of Indoor Tanning

Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Benefits of indoor tanning. Tanning indoors holds many benefits over the regular ways of doing it. You’re not dependent on the weather in any way, and the procedures involved in indoors tanning are generally a lot safer than their sun-based counterparts.

When it comes to tanning yourself indoors, the first thing you’ll need to decide is whether you’ll be doing it yourself, or using professional services. Both have their advantages, and you should decide carefully. If you haven’t been artificially tanned before, it’s often a good idea to go to a tanning salon.

Be careful when picking the location, however – some indoor tanning places don’t take their customers’ health safety very seriously, and you may find yourself being subjected to some questionable procedures. The most important things to look out for, is whether the eyes and mucous membranes are appropriately protected. Make sure they cover the area around the eyes as well, not just the eyes themselves. As for mucous membranes, those are found on your lips, for example – those should be well covered and protected from any exposure to the tanning agent.

The last, but in no way least in importance, thing to keep an eye out for, is whether you’re given adequate safety measures to prevent you from inhaling the tanning solution. If all these prerequisites are met, the place is probably safe to use. Be careful though, as some indoor tanning parlors use a relatively new device, the “spray booth”, which works by spraying you as you stand inside it vertically. This device has not been approved by the FDA because of inhalation issues.

Apart from regular spray tanning, professional salons can also offer you a variety of other procedures, which you cannot normally do yourself at home. One of these is airbrush tanning, in which you’re sprayed by a professional with a precise machine which uses laser guidance. This method provides an even, smooth application of the tanning agent, which is also completely safe because the airbrush provides a way to very accurately paint your body without affecting sensitive areas.

Airbrush tanning can be done at home if you have the appropriate equipment – however, if you don’t have a steady hand, or a friend who does, forget about doing it yourself – you’ll probably end up looking silly and will be stuck with that look for a few days. Just pay the few extra bucks at the salon and know that your body is in the right hands.

After you’ve become familiar with the process, you may start doing it yourself at home – there are products on the market which make that easy. Indoor tanning sprays are widely available, and they provide great results at reasonable prices. There are some products that are taken orally, if you’re not fond of applying chemicals and pigments to your skin, or if you’re allergic to DHA (the main active ingredient in most tanning spray products). There are many options out there, you just need to inform yourself well before you go ahead.