Airbrush Tanning Tips Pros And Cons

Airbrush Tanning Tips Pros And Cons

Exploring your options for a good airbrush tanning solution isn’t challenging at all as long as you know what you want. How dark you want skin to be and whether you want a formula that has anti-aging components or not are considerable. It’s an aggressively competitive market out there and each brand tries to be more superior to the other. Over time and with more knowledge and advancement we find that every so often the same manufactures come out with newer and better concoctions. It can be confusing as to what to pick when there are so many choices on the shelves. With a little guidance you can be on your way to finding precisely what you want. Become acquainted with the brands available, identify the degree of DHA and familiarize yourself with the package sizes.

You will begin to see the same distinctive labels repetitively. Research and a little common sense usually help us narrow down our choices and eliminate what isn’t successful. Before making a choice remember that it is wise to get the best sunless tanning solution for the type of skin you have. Skin tone is the first thing to consider and it should dictate what you need in a safe product. Some familiar trade mark names are Ocean, Aviva Labs, Focus, Golden Tropics, and Liquid Sun.

Airbrush tanning solutions differ in DHA concentration, usually medium is 8%, dark is 10% and extreme is 12%. The higher the concentration the browner your skin can be. Mixtures containing a bronzer will further dye your skin so be certain and read the labels carefully.

The makers of an airbrush tan solution will use 3 different sizes of bottles, small, medium and large. Small bottles are quarts, medium is a half gallon and the largest size would be a whole gallon. Initially one should begin with the quart for a test trial. Gallons will be the wisest choice after finding what you feel is a superlative solution.

All the qualities mentioned above are what tanning products have in common. Minor details are what differentiate between each rival like the quality of ingredients, adding anti aging components, vitamins, minerals, etc. Other features that some may boast about is how quick they can dry or that they don’t rub off easily. Some also claim a longer lasting or a speedy tan for a rush job. After distinguishing between what is accessible it shouldn’t be at all confusing to find your airbrush tanning solution.